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Our products are designed to be easy to use with the highest standards of design and interaction. They are appropriate for anyone looking to turn complex or routine data into a more compelling and stylish narrative.
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Curator helps companies find the right location for their next move and connects you to the people who can make your expansion succeed.

70% of companies cite lack of market knowledge as one of the determining factors not to set up in new territories

Setting up in new geographical areas ranks 2nd in CEOs growth

Curator enables you to quickly compare locations based upon your Strategic and Cost requirements
What Happens Now

Existing Process is slow & confusing and involves:


  • Online research
  • Advice from personal network
  • Specialist Consultants
  • Government Intermediaries


The process is risky, expensive and can take up to 18 months

Curator is Simple and Quick

We have gathered data and insights on locations across key business themes:


  • Skills & Talent
  • Access to Market
  • Industry Cluster
  • Innovation & Research
  • Connectivity Curator
  • Curator


Connectivity Curator enables you to quickly compare locations based upon your Strategic and Cost requirements.

Connections that Count

We can set up the meetings you require in order to ease your market entry.


  • Legal
  • Accounting & TAX
  • Sales
  • Marketing & PR
  • Recruitment


We will make sure you don’t make common mistakes and have the best chance to succeed.

Curator is launching in early 2018 with a beta product focused upon the UK quickly followed by EU.

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Curator was established in 2016 by Tony Hughes, Simon Sprince and Phillip Matthews who have been working in digital product development for over 20 years. For the last 10 years they have specialised in supporting businesses and entrepreneurs to grow internationally, helping over 1,000 companies with their global expansions.
They have built up a deep understanding of the factors that motivate companies, the mistakes that are made and the connections that are required to be successful. Their experience led them to develop Curator as a means to get the right information to companies and help them make the connections that they need.

Tony Hughes

Commercial Director - background in Media and Consulting

Mikhail Panebrattsev

Senior Programmer - background in Informatics

Simon Sprince

CEO - background in Product Development and Consulting
barry mason

Barry Mason

Associate Senior Programmer - background in Database Design

Phil Matthews

Product Director - background in UX Design and Games


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